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  • The Book – How to Find an Au Pair, who won’t crash your car, steal your husband or terrorise your home.
  • The ultimate ‘How To’ guide for Host Families by Host Families. 10 Chapters of research backed advice, stories and Host Family strategy based on two years of research with successful Host Families across the globe. They’ve survived more than 300 au pairs! You can download it in pdf, epub or kindle formats.
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"There's so little totally honest information out there about How to Hire an Au pair and how to manage them. I like the Awesome Au Pair because it's independent, they don't sell Au pairs so they're not frightened to tell it like it is and they’re also supporting and training Au Pairs so they really are experts at understanding the realtionship. The training and all the templates are a lifesaver." - Anna M

"Hiring Au Pair's can be hard work and even with an Agency I still felt like I was on my own trying to figure this thing out which was frustrating as I'm a Single Mom who can't afford for things to go WRONG! The templates are easy and once you start to be honest about what you need and follow Julie's advice you'll be a lot less likely to make the same painful Au Pair mistakes that so many people make." - Laurie D

"Just do yourself a favour and buy a Membership, it will save you so much heartache and irritation at home. You can try doing things on your own, or even with an Agency but I can guarantee you it will take you at least four awkward Au pair relationships to figure this stuff out. I wish I'd had the Awesome Au Pair when I started hiring Au Pairs, I'd have avoided so much hassle." - Clare S

"The Awesome Au pair has helped me learn how to manage someone in my own home. Agencies and websites like Aupair World don't give you the sort of honest information and ongoing support you really need to make a success of this relationship but the Awesome Au Pair does. You can ask for help whenever you need it by email and in the Facebook groups and Julie usually knows the answer." - Puja B

"I love the idea of a Community which can support you no matter how big or small your Au Pair problem. You'll always find someone who knows how to handle what you are going through and the training is just fantastic. Unlike the Agencies, the Awesome Au pair doesn't leave you to figure out how to manage your Au pair - they stay right there with you - all the way. " - Jane F

Hi! I’m Julie Mac.

I'm a Journalist & Author and a 6 Time Au Pair Host Mum. After almost three years of researching how the most successful Au Pair Host Families hire and manage their au pairs, I have created a valuable, tried and tested Tool Kit to help YOU get the best au pair for your family and manage them like a total boss. It's made by Host families for Host Families!